March 17, 2018

Surprising Retirement Activities That You Could Do 

Volunteer – Few things are as fulfilling and stimulating as doing good deeds around the local community. Walk the dogs at the humane society, assist at a hospital or help new immigrants learn the English language. Most cities have official or unofficial websites that post local volunteer opportunities.

There are also numerous non-profits based in most large cities that you could email to see if they need volunteers. Even if they are not requesting volunteers on their websites, they may be happy to hear from you regardless.

Repair and Improve the House – Individuals with the energy and motivation may want to put some of those spare hours into sweat equity. Learning to repair things around the house saves a lot of money compared to hiring a contractor, especially preemptive repairs that prevent emergencies later.

Improvements such as adding living space, building a patio or remodeling the kitchen make the home nicer. As a bonus, there are also sure ways to increase the value of the property. This helps secure better terms if the need to borrow against the property ever arises.

Photography – In the age of digital photography, amateur photographers do not have to deal with the hassles of a dark room or spending money on rolls of film. A decent modern digital camera set with a tripod and a few lenses can be had for just a few hundred dollars. It is an economical hobby for all seasons, and with practice, there may be opportunities to participate in local exhibits or at least showcase the photos online.

Start a Blog – The wisdom that you accumulated from a long career can also be shared through a blog about your area of professional expertise. The same goes for hobbies. A person with 30 years of experience fishing in every river and lake in the county probably has some insights that may be of interest to other fishing enthusiasts.

People with causes that they feel strongly about can engage in online activism and use their blogs to spread awareness of the issue. Starting a basic blog is free, while a premium account with customizable layouts and extra features typically runs about $100 a year. If the blog takes off and becomes popular, there is a possibility to earn extra income by including ads.

Join a Gym – Exercise provides an opportunity to physically de-stress from a lifetime of work, while also reaping some nice health benefits. Stationary bikes are a great way to get exercise while also listening to music or watching TV, depending on the kind of gym you join.

There are also all kinds of classes at gyms that are geared toward seniors or toward beginners. In particular, senior yoga can help lower blood pressure, improve posture and alleviate aching joints.

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