January 3, 2019

15 U.S. Cities Where You Can Save BIG on Healthcare

6. Baltimore

Annual Healthcare Spending Per Capita: $4,484

Annual Out-of-Pocket Spending Per Capita: $701

Income of Age 65+ Households: $32,280

Although annual healthcare costs under $4,500 are notable, it’s unfortunately not making a big enough dent for many elderly Baltimore residents. That’s because — with an average income of just $32,280 a year — healthcare is still taking up an oversized piece of their total budget. The average senior citizen can expect to pay out some 13.9 percent of their income in medical costs by year-end, the second-highest level of any city in this study. So, if the city life is getting you down, you might consider nearby Ocean City, Md. — one of the most affordable places to retire near the beach.

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