May 17, 2019

15 Retirement Fatal Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Mistake 12: Spoiling Your Grandkids

Of course you love your grandchildren and want time with them to be a special experience. Instead of focusing on bonding, though, this sometimes means going into full-tilt fairy godparents-mode and buying up the toy store, or treating them to outings that cost more than your budget will really allow. Take some time to teach your grandchildren about money using these apps.

Why This Is a Mistake

Instead of sprinkling the fairy dust and granting your little ones’ every wish, plan your time strategically; you can do a lot of activities for free. Museums that offer interactive displays and presentations that will keep their attention often are free for children. Take walks in the park or to a local playground, or check out new books at the library instead.

If you want something to show for your time together, think about making a DIY craft or cooking a meal or a treat together that cost much less than a store-bought toy or restaurant meal.

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