May 8, 2018

11 Tips to Save More Money and Retire Rich

Soap Isn’t a Steal

You’ll pay less per ounce for soap at Walmart than at Dollar Tree. For example, a pack of two 3.2-ounce Dial antibacterial soap bars costs 15.6 cents per ounce at Dollar Tree. But a six-pack of 4-ounce bars that costs $2.97 at Walmart works out to be just 12 cents per ounce.

If you want to stock up on soap, you’ll pay $1 less for a 20-pack of Irish Spring at Sam’s Club than you’d pay for 10 two-bar packs at Dollar Tree — $9.08 versus $10. Plus, the soap bars in the Sam’s Club 20-pack are 3.75 ounces each compared with 3.2-ounce bars at Dollar Tree.

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