May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10


If you’re interested in this as a hobby, several resources exist to find coupons. Try newspapers, the internet and mobile apps. For additional help, a comprehensive resource for couponing is The Krazy Coupon Lady website, where you can find a free, downloadable quick-start guide to couponing. Click to see the best sites for online coupons.


This hobby has been around for years, but it’s an inexpensive one you can start now. Local thrift stores might have cheap, unopened cross-stitch kits for sale. Or you can check out the offerings at your local craft store, where you easily could find small cross-stitch project kits for less than $10.


If you view your body as a temple, yoga might be the perfect hobby for you. The good news is that you can find plenty of free resources online, such as Do Yoga With Me, which offers hundreds of free online videos for all levels of learners in various styles of yoga.

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