May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10

Writing Letters to a Pen Pal

It’s convenient to email someone, but it also can be a bit impersonal. Maybe that’s why the art of sending handwritten letters — and to strangers, no less — has made a comeback, according to The Guardian.

If you already have pens, paper and envelopes, becoming a pen pal doesn’t have to cost more than postage. Connect with people all over the world, work on your penmanship and look forward to letters showing up in your real-life mailbox. There are several free resources online to find pen pals.


If you don’t own a yo-yo, you can pick up one for less than $10. Once you have the toy, start working on the basics. A useful resource for some easier yo-yo tricks is the site YoYo Tricks. You can watch helpful videos to show your tricks ranging from the basic throw to the gyroscopic flop.


Macrame is another crafty hobby idea, which involves tying knots in fabric cord to create designs. As a beginner, shop around to find a macrame project kit for under $10. If you find you like working with macrame, you can invest in a roll of cord, beads, glue, tape, a project board and T-pins.

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