May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10


If you’re going to spend time on a hobby, consider investing the time in yourself. You can find free self-improvement courses online from institutions such as Udacity, Coursera, FutureLearn and Canvas Network that focus on creative problem solving, networking, time management and more. You also can find free courses from major U.S. universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.


This is the act of finding and harvesting wild foods. The food you can forage includes wild greens, fruits, nuts, roots and mushrooms, but you need to educate yourself with a foraging guide before you head to the woods. Unfortunately, not everything that appears edible will be safe to eat. Also, be aware of the rules and regulations attached to certain places, such as national, state or city parks, where you might not be allowed to forage.

Insect Collecting

If your middle-school science teacher ever assigned you to create an insect collection, you know how cheap this hobby can be. A glass jar, cotton balls soaked in nail-polish remover and a net are all you’ll need to start assembling the collection of your dreams. If you’re unfamiliar with the types of insects in your area, you might want to invest in a cheap field guide. You can find a free one online or check one out from the library.

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