May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10


Perhaps you are skilled in a certain area, and others would like to develop the same skills. Or maybe you have the ability to counsel or advise others who can’t hire a professional. Whatever the case, mentoring not only helps people who are receiving the service, it helps you enhance your skills and gain satisfaction from helping others.


Gaming isn’t just for sheer entertainment value. It’s a hobby with benefits. A review published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience looked at the findings of 116 studies related to how video games affect the brain and concluded that the games likely have a positive effect on attention, as well as visual and motor skills.

Plenty of video games are available online for free. And if you have a gaming system, you can rent games cheaply from Redbox kiosks or sign up online for a free 30-day trial at GameFly.

Solving Puzzles

If you love puzzles, you have many types to choose from, including mechanical, pattern, logic, word, trivia and math. Pick up a puzzle book the next time you’re in line at the grocery store, or find a challenging puzzle online or via a free or low-cost app. If mechanical puzzles are your thing, check hobby shops or thrift stores for options under $10.

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