May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10

Pencil Drawing

A sketchpad and a pencil are all it takes to get going with this hobby. You likely have the pencil around the house, and you can pick up a sketchpad for less than $10. Once you’re set with your supplies, check out YouTube and find professional pencil drawing artist J.D. Hillberry for free video tutorials and inspiration.


Since eating is a basic need, you’ll always spend money on food. If you want to take up cooking as a hobby and eat the food you prepare, take a free online cooking course on sites such as Udemy. Then, using your newfound knowledge, buy the required ingredients and start cooking.


You can be an awesome person without spending money, and there are many worthy causes that could use your help. Sites such as VolunteerMatch can help you find causes near you. All you have to do is create an online account. You can even locate virtual volunteer opportunities. Or you can find them on your own, such as running errands for the elderly or coaching a youth sports team.

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