May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10


For crafters looking for new hobby ideas, quilling could be an option. Quilling is taking long, thin strips of colored paper and fashioning them into various shapes with your fingers or tools. Then, the shapes are glued together to form a piece of art, which can be used to decorate things such as homemade cards or plain gift bags. If you shop around, it’s possible to find a beginner’s quilling kit for under $10.


If you like strategic games, chess might be a good option because it requires you to analyze, plan and execute your next move. You easily can find a chess set for less than $10. If you’re a beginner, find all the information you need on, which explains in text and photos how to play the game.

Phone Photography

Forget all of the fancy photography equipment; you probably have the perfect picture-taking tool right next to you. Your smartphone. In fact, Apple believes everyone can be a great photographer with its iPhone products. Its website offers plenty of tips to help you reach your photo-taking potential. If you have another type of phone, simply launch an online search for smartphone photography tips.

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