May 1, 2018

51 Hobbies That Cost Less Than $10

Writing Poetry

Paper and a pen or pencil are the basics for this hobby. If you need inspiration, or if you’re more into a tablet or phone when it comes to creating poetry, you have options. Check out apps for under $10, such as Poet’s Pad or PortaPoet, which can help you write and share your own poems.

Fostering Animals

If you already own pets, buy pet food and have an animal-friendly environment, this can make fostering animals a cheap hobby. If you find fostering opportunities through an organization such as PAWS, the organization will handle all the costs for veterinary care. Your biggest investment in this hobby is time.

Mixing Music

If terms such as loop, echo and flanger make your pulse quicken, you’ll want to tune in to this hobby. No longer do you need tons of expensive equipment to make your own music mixes. Instead, you can mix music like a pro on your smartphone with a free music-mixing app, such as edjing or Virtual DJ.

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