October 19, 2018

These Are the 10 Best Ways to Save on Health Care Costs in Retirement

Think of long-term needs

If you don’t have a long-term care insurance policy or a fund set up to cover unexpected medical costs down the road, now is a good time to think about upcoming expenses and plan accordingly. The national median cost for a home health aide was $4,099 per month in 2017, according to Genworth Financial.

As you think about future costs, don’t overlook family and loved ones. “Family is an incredible resource that can help any of us,” points out Rani Snyder, program director at The John A. Hartford Foundation.

Loved ones might help with grocery shopping, transportation or other services. Also think through advanced care planning, establish a health care proxy and get legal and financial forms in place. “These help you determine beforehand how to proceed and will save you time and money,” Snyder says.

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