October 19, 2018

These Are the 10 Best Ways to Save on Health Care Costs in Retirement

Save on dental costs

Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care or procedures, but there are simple ways to cut back on this expense. Start by looking for a dental school. “If you live in an area that has dental student teaching or resident practice, the savings could be significant,” says Allen Erenbaum, president of the Consumer Health Alliance. Your bill could be as much as 50 percent less than at a private dental practice, but the exact amount and discounts will vary depending on where you live. However, there may also be a longer wait for procedures at these schools.

Another option is to check into a dental savings plan, such as Careington, DentalPlans.com, Carefree Dental and New Benefits, which typically offer 10 to 60 percent off the regular fee for dental work. “Make sure the plan offers a 30-day trial period,” Erenbaum says. Some plans also include discounts on other services often excluded from Medicare, such as eye care and hearing aids.

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