April 24, 2019

The 20 Best and Worst Towns to Retire in

Your retirement savings are more than just a nest egg: They’re a representation of a lifetime of hard work. You spent decades building up money so that you could really enjoy your retirement, and you’re not looking to bleed that money away for basic necessities any faster than you have to.

But based on a new GOBankingRates study, you can put your savings in serious jeopardy — or stretch them further than you planned — depending on where you decide to call home in retirement.

To determine which cities are the best for your retirement savings, the study looked at the cost of buying a home, paying for healthcare, covering your property taxes and other basic costs of living. The study found that there are major differences from city to city.

If you want to retire rich, click through to see the best places for retirees.

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