September 25, 2018

NEVER Buy These 10 Things From Amazon (Here’s Why)

Gift-Wrapping Paper

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you’re likely thinking about stocking up now on essentials such as gift-wrapping paper. While Amazon does offer a variety of options, its prices on gift wrap aren’t the cheapest. Your local dollar store is the go-to place for cheap gift wrap, says Livesey.

We searched for gift-wrapping paper on Amazon and found 28 options at various price points. The least expensive among them cost $10 for a single 16 square-foot roll. At Dollar Tree, we found several types of gift-wrapping paper (from printed to solid colors) that ranged in size from 12- to 20-square-foot rolls all for $1 each. If you decide to go the dollar-store route, consider picking up a few other gift-giving essentials including greeting cards, invisible tape, decorative ribbons and gift bags that you can also snag for a buck.

No dollar store near you? Keep an eye out for holiday clearance sales at retailers such as Michaels, Walmart and Target. You should be able to stock up on gift-wrapping paper and related items in larger quantities at deeply discounted prices, Livesey adds.

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