September 25, 2018

NEVER Buy These 10 Things From Amazon (Here’s Why)

Fine Jewelry

When it comes to purchasing fine jewelry such as a diamond ring, it may be wise to skip perusing Amazon and shop at a bricks-and-mortar establishment instead, suggests Latham. If you’re planning to spend several hundred or even thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry, you’ll want to be able to examine the intricate details including how it sparkles in the light, as well as the cut, color and clarity of the stone in-person, she notes. Otherwise, if you receive the item and decide you don’t like it, you’ll be forced to jump through several hoops to return the order to Amazon and get a refund.

According to Amazon’s return policy on jewelry:

(1) You must return items over $35 using a trackable shipping method. This can be done through USPS, FedEx or UPS for an additional fee that you’re responsible for paying;

(2) All product packaging including manuals, warranty cards and certificates of authenticity/grading/appraisal must be included with the item being returned;

(3) Items that have been resized, damaged or altered after delivery aren’t eligible for returns;

(4) Those returned without all the original documentation will be rejected.It’s worth taking the extra step to visit a fine jewelry store in-person. That way you can talk with a sales professional about any issues you may have with a desired item.

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