September 17, 2018

Experts Reveal 20 Incredible Tips to Save on Food

Whenever you walk into a supermarket or restaurant, you’re entering an atmosphere that’s designed to make you spend more money than you had planned.

Because staples like milk and eggs are placed at the rear of grocery stores, customers are forced to walk past enticing food displays. By moving various goods to new locations periodically, stores force consumers to hunt for the products they need. That keeps them in the store longer and leads to more purchases.

Restaurants also have tactics to increase food sales. Menu placement draws attention to the most expensive items. A study released in 2010 found that background music can put diners in a good mood that leads them to become repeat customers.

Saving money when you buy food takes effort, but not as much as you might imagine. What follows are 20 tips for reducing your food costs in grocery stores and restaurants.

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