December 7, 2018

25 Things Every Retiree Should Urgently Get Rid of

You’re supposed to live as freely as possible in retirement. That’s harder to do when your old job and even your old family life keep burdening you financially. When it comes to downsizing a home, belongings, and financial burdens, where do you start, and how?

We consulted with experts and found some of the best items to get rid of, especially if you want to shrink financial responsibilities and make bigger plans for retirement.

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Joseph Engel - December 10, 2018 Reply

If you already have it it is because you may have had issues getting to use the machines at paid gyms because some people just hog them or sleep on them. Plus, you have wasted time of getting dressed up for the gym and driving there and back too

Joseph Engel - December 10, 2018 Reply

So you end up in a neighborhood you know little about and neighbors you don’t know at all!

Joseph Engel - December 10, 2018 Reply

This is a joke. There is no public transportation from most people’s houses to local gyms. Ride a bike and get run over or assaulted by those who prey on elderly folks. Not to mention on your time wasted waiting for transport. Who is writing this joke!

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