November 19, 2018

20 Tips and Tricks to Lower Your Energy Bill During Winter

Keep your filters clean – or replace them – regularly

Most of us probably know that we should keep our filters clean (or replace them) – and there are many filters in our lives – air filters in our cars, air conditioning filters, heating system filters, lint filters/screens in our dryers, and so on. Even the little space heater roaring by your feet probably has a filter you should clean regularly.

Not cleaning filters can reduce the effectiveness of various devices and can make them have to work harder, too, using more energy and costing you more. The Department of Energy has estimated that a dirty filter can cause a heating or cooling system to consume 15% more energy than it would with a new filter.

Another estimate suggests that a dryer might use up to 30% more energy if its lint screen is packed with lint. Most equipment will last longer with filters that are regularly cleaned or replaced.

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