November 20, 2018

20 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Retail Cashier

“I swear I’m old enough to buy this.”

No matter your age, a cashier is legally required to check your ID. So, before you leave the house to purchase liquor, be sure to have your ID on your person (though you always should, really).

In fact, at certain stores, like Walmart, liquor laws are so heavily enforced that employees are not even allowed to sell alcohol to those shoppers who are accompanied by anyone under the age of 21. Furthermore, the employee has the right to deny the purchase of alcohol if the situation in which it is purchased seems suspect.

As a previous Walmart manager told the KLAQ Morning Show, they could not sell alcohol to customers if “they were with someone underage who even pointed toward the alcohol or if the underage person looked like they might be planning on drinking the alcohol.” So, in short, don’t attempt to fool a retail employee—they’ll be able to see right through you.

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