November 20, 2018

20 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Retail Cashier

As a former retail employee with years of experience manning a cash register, there’s one thing I know for certain: if you want to have a pleasant shopping experience, it’s helpful to apply the Golden Rule to your interactions with those handling your precious goods and taking your money.

Why? Well, setting aside the fact that it’s simply the nice thing to do (after all, being a cashier working long hours with a strained smile on your face is no easy feat), a little bit of kindness and consideration might actually save you some money. “Politeness gets you really far when you’re shopping,” says Mark Ellwood. If you’re nice to cashiers, says Ellwood, they can do everything from providing you with coupons that they keep right next to the register to inviting you to “pre-sale” periods, when shops offer discount prices in secret.

But that won’t happen if you annoy them. And to ensure that every interaction you have with your cashier is respectful, we’ve uncovered the phrases that you should really, really try removing from your vocabulary—and even offered some choice tips how to steer clear of shopping behaviors that might lead to you dropping an unkind phrase or two.

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