August 1, 2019

15 Types of Insurance It Pays to Have

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Travel insurance

Traveling can be expensive, and many airlines, hotels, and tours have nonrefundable bookings or charge hefty change fees. If you don’t want to end up out-of-pocket if something goes wrong, travel insurance provides important protection.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are two popular types of travel policies that refund you if you can’t start or can’t finish your trip due to health issues or other disasters.

You could also opt for medical evacuation coverage to help you get to a hospital if you get sick on the trip or buy other kinds of coverage to protect you in case of delays or lost luggage.

It’s common or your credit card to provide travel insurance if you pay for at least part of your trip on your card – but not all cards offer this feature. Find out what coverage, if any, you have on your credit card and then look into purchasing supplementary travel insurance if you need more protection.

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