May 17, 2019

15 Surprising Sacrifices Americans Would Make To Become Millionaires

What would you do with a million dollars? Plenty of Americans have daydreamed about what might happen if they had that kind of cash. But you don’t see many people fantasizing about the sacrifices needed to achieve millionaire status.

This could be why so many people feel differently about what they’re willing to give up to reach that second comma in their net worth — or at least that’s what a recent survey from GOBankingRates revealed.

The survey took some 1,000 Americans who believe that they’ll become a millionaire in their lifetime and asked, “If you had to make some sacrifices to become a millionaire, which of the following would you do?”

The results revealed that Americans are remarkably split over what they would give up on their path to becoming millionaires. While data suggests plenty of people believe that reaching a net worth of $1 million is not only within their reach but also won’t require them to give up much, some Americans are clearly willing to sacrifice a lot.

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