October 22, 2018

15 Romantic Experiences You Should Have by 40 According to Science

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is more than just a game of making sure all anniversaries are accounted for and picking up the bill at dinner from time to time. In fact, making a concerted effort to prioritize romance in your relationship, whether you’ve been together for 10 weeks or 10 years, can make all the difference between a love life that keeps you and your partner smitten with one another and one that fizzles out.

According to science and to the results of a survey conducted by The Open University, it’s not just those grand romantic gestures that keep the spark alive. While a spontaneous vacation to Paris may be nice, it’s actually the smaller romantic acts that couples do on a daily basis that make for lasting love.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some romantic experiences recommended by specialists and everyone should have by 40, from the over-the-top to the everyday, keeping the flame in your relationship stoked for the next 40 years, too.

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