February 13, 2018

15 Quick Tips to Create a Fund for Emergencies


It has never been easier to earn supplemental income. According to CNN Money, over 44 million Americans have some sort of side hustle. If you have a skill there is probably a way to profit off it. Whether you freelance write, ad-hoc design or drive for rideshare, chances are there is a way to bankroll savings outside of a 9-5 structure.



Tax season is upon us, which for many means upwards of $1,000 in tax refunds. It’s natural to receive this check and see dollar signs, but fight back and think about depositing your tax return into a savings account. Responsible budgeting isn’t always fun, but you will thank yourself later in the event of an emergency.



At one point, the dog toy subscription service seemed like a good idea. In hindsight, strapped for cash and newly lucid, some of your monthly subscription services might seem frivolous. Review your subscriptions and cut back where you can by deciding what you can easily live without.

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