March 7, 2019

13 Things You Need to Know About Your Finances in 2019

9. How to run a side hustle

If you want to make some extra cash, there’s an abundance of sites that can help you land different types of gigs. Here are some to start with:

Fiverr: For freelance writing, translation, marketing, design, computer programming and similar projects
Rover: To find dog-walking, pet-sitting/house-sitting gigs
Turo: To make money renting out your car to others.
Uber: To make money driving for others.
Uber Eats: To make money delivering take-out food to people
Airbnb: Make money renting out your home, or part of it, to visitors
The possibilities are endless. Just remember to tuck something away from each paycheck for the tax man. Side hustles often aren’t taxed upfront as a full-time employee’s paycheck might be, so set enough aside to cover Uncle Sam.

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