March 1, 2018

13 Things That Signal a Person is a Psychopath


Perhaps one of the most disarming aspects of interacting with psychopaths is their ability to conceal their true selves in order to appear as likeable as possible. ‘He or she easily picks out topics that are important to us and reflects sympathetic points of view, sometimes complete with enthusiasm or ‘emotion’ to reinforce the spoken words,’ say Paul Babiak and Robert Hare in their book, Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.

This is not just directed at individuals, but can manifest in groups. Salekin says that they use their storytelling abilities to draw others to them, whether that’s at work or in jail. ‘They’re able to gather a crowd around them at the water cooler,’ he says. However, while a psychopath’s stories might be interesting, that doesn’t mean they’re true.

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