March 7, 2019

10 Tips for How to Sell Out at Your Garage Sale

When I spotted a garage sale sign yesterday, I had to circle the block after missing my chance to turn. By that time, the sign had blown over but I stopped to read the tiny address scrawled at the bottom.

I drove down the street but there was no sign of a sale. Then I looked way, way down the long driveway. A girl sat on a side door stoop next to a bunch of clutter dumped onto the driveway. I looked around for a few minutes and left. I could see a wasted weekend ahead for that family. But your sale doesn’t have to be a bust.

One time, a friend and I threw a sale that took up two front lawns. At day’s end, all that remained was a small box with plastic Easter eggs and a few books. I marked the box “free” and set it on the curb. Thirty minutes later, it was gone. So, how did I do that? The keys are good planning and knowing how to let go.

Here are some tips for getting people to your sale and watching them drive away with your old things while you count the cash.

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